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The Lorax Patch Philosophy

“Unless someone like you cares a whole awful lot, Nothing is going to get better. It's not.” ~ Dr Seuss "The Lorax"

The Lorax Patch is 5 acres of farmland, in Somerset, on the outskirts of Wells.


We take a slightly unconventional approach; as we do not want the highest output from the land, nor are we looking for the maximum financial gain.

We're temporary custodians of this little patch of the planet, and feel a responsibility to treat it with love; aiming to leave it in a better condition than we found it.

So our farming is not intense. We have some animals, and we grow some crops. In producing this food, we take pride in farming to an organic standard and ensuring the carbon footprint is extremely low. The farm's produce is playing a small but important part - pushing out supermarket produce that is grown to a lower environmental standard and with a high carbon footprint.

In 2018 we started offering camping at the Lorax Patch. We focus on providing the type of camping experience that we search for when we're on a trip. We're not interested in jamming in the maximum number of pitches; we want each group to have space. Camp fires are positively encouraged.
This is a rustic, wild camping experience. There are no showers, and toilets are composting. But this happens to attract the very finest of campers!

Our little family


We are the Bolton Family. Gabriel (Dad), Charlotte (Mum), Leonard (Son) and Bess the dog.

Somerset has always been our home, though we've spent years travelling in the UK and abroad. The Lorax Patch project started in 2012 when we bought the land, and it has been slowly evolving since then. As a family, we love spending as much time here as we possibly can.

Gabe is an Engineer by trade, but now gets far more enjoyment from being outside and getting muddy.
Char is a Yoga teacher, splitting time between teaching classes and learning how to manage the land.

The only thing that makes Bess happier than sniffing crotches, is playing fetch.

"A perfect back-to-nature site run by a genuinely lovely bunch of people, with some fantastic projects on the go. Can't wait to go back!"
- Rosie King

"Beautiful! The perfect place for the kids to be free and explore."
- Emma Roberts

"I've told all my friends about your wonderful veg boxes that I was lucky enough to buy last year. The vegetables were so nice I never forgot"
- Chloe Lang

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